Just finished Robert J Sawyer’s new novel, Wake. The first in his WWW trilogy (the follow up books will be called Watch and Wonder), Wake explores issues of consciousness and sentience and what it means to have both.

Caitlyn is a blind teenager from Texas, currently living in Waterloo, Ontario. She undergoes an experimental procedure that will fit her with a device that will allow her to see. But before that happens, she experiences an odd side effect: she can see the internet (or at least, a series of connecting lines that represent the internet).  At the same time, the internet has developed self-awareness. 

Most of Sawyer’s recent novels take place in the present day or very near future and he is good at having his characters express a lot of theories and technical data without making them sound like they’re giving lectures. This novel is very much in that vein. 

I wasn’t as much a fan of this novel as I was his Neanderthal Parallax trilogy but the story was compelling enough for me to get the next books in this new series without question.


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