Toronto the Good

This past weekend, we took our annual Spring trip to Toronto. This also made for James’ 5th round-trip flight and the bigger and squirmier he gets, the more difficult it becomes. Still, he puts up with his parents and their need to drag him everywhere like a little trooper.

I’m also finally getting comfortable with getting around the city. I long ago became one of those rare non-Torontonians who loves that town. For all its reputation of being cold, unfriendly city, I have always found Torontonians exceedingly polite and even warm. Maybe I’m just hanging around the wrong neighbourhoods.

The intial purpose of the visit was to go to the British Isles Show, but the more time I spend in the actual British isles, the tackier that event becomes, to the point that we’ll probably skip it next year to free up the afternoon to do other things. The real purpose of the trip, really, is to reconnect with friends, which we did and that was a lot of fun, even if Fynn’s of Temple really should avoid trying to be a nightclub.

Next visit, however, should probably be in summer.


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