221B Baker Street

Remember the other day when I was talking about all the books I haven’t read? Well, I was in the bookstore on Saturday and decided I wanted to read one of those classic tales that everyone knows but have never read myself. 

So, I picked up a A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle, more commonly known as the first published Sherlock Holmes adventure. Despite Holmes being one of the most famous characters in literature, I’ve never read any of the stories. 

I’d never read mysteries, mostly because I’m not that observant so the little clues that a writer, I assume, plants throughout the story pass me by completely. However, I figured starting with the classics wouldn’t be so bad.

So, how is it, you may ask? It’s awesome. Almost halfway through the book I have learned the following:

  • Holmes is unaware that the Earth revolves around the sun. Such knowledge is of no use to his work. Such a fact would crowd out other, more useful, facts in his brain so he tries to forget these things as soon as he learns them.  
  • When people say there is always a foreign power in Afghanistan, they aren’t kidding. Page one features Watson coming home from the place. Holmes correctly guesses this fact by briefly observing Watson. 
  • Holmes and Watson agree to rent a flat together because they are broke. 
  • And, most shocking of all, Holmes and Watson are introduced by a mutual friend who is aware that both are in need of a place to live. This makes the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes nothing but a damned lie. 

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