I Do Not Babysit

An article I recently shared, “Why Daddies Don’t Babysit“, struck a chord with me.

Because Kerry is choosing to stay home with Boy-Boy, she is often referred to as the “primary caregiver”. This is not to say that she is the only caregiver. I’m also his caregiver. It’s just that I’m not with him 9 hours out of the day. We often refer to it as “baby duty”.

So when I’m on baby duty and Kerry is out, I am not, despite what others may call it, babysitting. I’m not someone who has come from outside the immediate family to care for the child for a previously agreed fee. I am spending time with, and taking care of, my son.


4 thoughts on “I Do Not Babysit

  1. My MIL LOVES, LOVES! to call up and ask (while laughing, no less) how I’m doing babysitting the kids when my wife goes out of town. She fails to notice how I suddenly become extremely short with her and end the phone call after a couple words.

  2. I babysit my niece. She is not my child. My parents babysit my niece. She is not their child.

    My brother and S-I-L do not babysit, for my niece is their child and primary responsibility. We get to send her home after a couple hours of Doodlebops or Dora or whatever we do that day. Her parents do not get to do that.

    It’s pretty weak that people don’t understand that distinction.

  3. I think it’s mainly a generational thing. For those of our parents’ generation, or for those of our own generation who, ahem, maintain the mindset of our parents’ generation, the father is a provider of income and little else, as opposed to, you know, a parent.

  4. Ya, I understand that it used to be like that back then. I just still have trouble with their inability to realize that times have changed. Of course, I’m hoping I don’t eat those words in the upcoming years. Damn kids.

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