The Debate Begins

One of my new favourite writer/broadcasters is the UK’s Charlie Brooker. He does TV reviews, like this awesome, NSFW review of The Tudors, as well as a column for The Guardian.

His latest column has him trying out new flavours of potato chips, or “crisps”, as the British adorably insist on calling them.

Personally, I think it’s a disaster that more curry flavoured “crisps” aren’t more widely available but in any case, check out the article to see which of the new flavours should be labeled “dirty protest”.


2 thoughts on “The Debate Begins

  1. We’ve tried the builders breakfast and the cajun squirrel- just to be different. JUstin wanted to try the chili chocolate but I thought that was just going a little too far.
    Yes, the British sure like their flavoured chips but what we wouldn’t do for a bag of dill pickle or even a bag of plain ripple!

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