Commercial Public Radio

The Conservative government is mulling the idea of adding commercials to CBC Radio. That certain types of conservatives are openly hostile to the very idea of public broadcasting is no surprise but this could be the first step in killing it off altogether, making Canada one of the few countries around without a public broadcaster. 

As big a supporter of public broadcasting as I am, I can’t help but notice how utterly lost the CBC is these days. I understand that they need to try new things but there seems to be a little too much filler like The Point or Q and too few programmes like Ideas and As It Happens.

I don’t claim to know what the answer is but a good start might be to stop chasing the under-25’s and, instead, wait for them to come to you when they want quality programming. But I fear it’ll be a long time before it gets better. 

The sources of the problems are many and the solutions are complex and not likely to please everyone but somehow I can’t see any of it being solved by turning the CBC into a commercial radio station.


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