Right. I’m off then.

2132127618_c83a6e0145Or I will be tomorrow. Two weeks in Scotland with the Goode Ladywyfe and the Heir for his first ever Christmas. Second Christmas will be in New Brunswick. Third Christmas in Montreal. Or maybe Cuba.

I have co-workers taking off for holidays in sunnier climes. My boss is going to Vietnam. But for me, there should always be a family element to Christmas, even if it just involves a tin of Quality Street, several rum and cokes, and hours of cheesy holiday programming. But it’s also tempting to say, ‘to Hell with all that pressure. I’m doing Christmas on a beach.’

That said, I’m looking forward to my second Christmas and New Year’s in Scotland, as well as the recently added side trip to Silverstone to visit the goode ladywyfe’s Auntie Andrea. I’m not looking forward to the 18 hours it’s going to take to get there but so long as we can keep the Heir happy, we’re happy.

We’ll even take the lad down to the town centre to usher in Hogmany. I probably won’t drink as much whisky this year, however.

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