23 Years of Being Ahead of the Curve

I have to state outright that I get very irritated with blog posts that show how the writer was an early adopter of a product or trend that has recently become in vogue. I get equally irritated with “I never owned the product of which you have become tired”.  Oh yes, yes, we’re all better than the dull normals, aren’t we?

That said, the Irish Times is reporting that the latest trend sweeping workplace in these uncertain economic times is bringing your lunch to work. The story even helpfully offers advice on what constitutes an ideal box lunch for those who don’t know what the fridge in the breakroom is for, just in case they had a mind to bring a roast turkey or something. If this is a real, measurable trend and not a reporter’s collection of anecdotes in search of a feature story, then I’ve been preparing for this recession since 1985. 

Until 1985, I lived on the same street as my school so I was expected to go home every day for lunch. High school meant taking a bus to school so I lived on sandwiches of salami, processed cheese slices, and mayo on white bread that sat in my locker at room temperature all morning. Fortunately, I countered the refridgeration problem by adding a frozen juice box. This meant a sandwich with a rectangle imprinted on it. But my juice was at optimum coolness so it was a fair trade. 

This has been a habit that has seen me through university and every job I’ve had until now. I’m not religious about it and I do go out from time to time. But the idea of eating at the staff cafeteria or eating out every day just seems like a waste of money and not the most efficient use of time as you have to go to the place, order the food, wait for them to make the food, pay for the food, eat the food, and leave. Brown bagging it gives you more time for important things like, um, blogging. 

Should probably stop buying coffee at work, though.


7 thoughts on “23 Years of Being Ahead of the Curve

  1. Bento. I want to go to there.

    I’ve also thought bento boxes offer ultimate portion control which I, um, need.

    Ginger, thanks for the kind words. It’s appreciated.

  2. As you know, I work at your former high school (and mine!), and I am ashamed to say that I do not pack my lunch. I love sandwiches, and salads, but am SO LAZY and frankly not very with it in the mornings, so I wind up purchasing much from the middling cafeteria. It’s all quite unsatisfactory, and I’m constantly wishing I had just sucked it up and made a proper lunch.
    Greg Theo has the best lunches ever – his wife packs them with such care.

  3. Oh I have totally been on the bring-lunch-to-work bent of late. The thing is sandwiches too often bore me, so now I make a point of setting aside part of the previous night’s dinner and bento-ing it up. Exciting, healthy and money- and portion size-wise. Except for today. Today I am allowed go out to eat, but I know that the rest of the week I’ll have packed my lunches. It’s amazing how much coin you end up saving by week’s end.

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