The Real Canada

Remember that election two weeks ago when everyone got all hopeful and changey and shit? Yeah, that was awesome. Mostly I was pleased that our American friends elected a guy who speaks and thinks in paragraphs. Even if he completely screws up, at the very least he’ll be able to clearly articulate his message as he’s doing it. My cousin in Boston also expressed her pleasure that “nuclear” will return to its original, correct pronunciation.

During the campaign, however, the Republican vice-presidential candidate made some remarks about preferring the “real” America, presumably, to the “unreal” America. The implication was that Real America was rural, religious, conservative, and enjoyed war and hunting. Unreal America was urban, liberal, abortiony, and kind of French. 

It seemed a silly way to try to win votes when so many voters live in large cities. Attitudes like that were bound to cost you votes which, in the end, did happen.  I think for those who continue to pound that whole “us vs. them” divide into the ground, this funny bit of satire from 23/6 about the new sad n’ lonely Fox News nails it.

Still, the idea of “real” vs. “unreal” parts of a nation gave me to reflect on the time I went to that Ted Nugent concert. Don’t laugh. The tickets were free and I didn’t stick around for .38 Special. After making my eardrums bleed as I waited for him to get around to playing “Cat Scratch Fever”, The Nuge spoke admirably about the natural wonder of New Brunswick. He called NB the “real Canada” and not at all like Montreal or Toronto. He also enjoyed, with the help of a local guide, shooting a black bear. Both those statements got a hearty cheer from the crowd.

I guess my point is this stuff works when pandering to a crowd but it probably backfires when trying to get votes.


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