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The iEnterprise

Via Entertainment Weekly, comes the first official picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise from J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek. From the comments section of the article, you might get the impression that the entire Trek fan base will boycott the film, so enraged are they at this blasphemy.

I think it looks good and it recognisable enough for a casual viewer to see it and think, “That’s the Enterprise.” I think that’s as much as I’d reasonably expect.

For my part, I remain ambivalent about the need to reset the series from the start. The world in which these series exist has been expanding for forty years so I’m not sure why they couldn’t have found another time or another pocket of that universe and set it there, rather than re-doing something that existed back then. The original series worked because it because it was created by a certain blend of producers, writers, set designers, and actors. Change one element of that and the series probably would be remembered differently. Trying to reproduce that seems pointless. 

Still, in the spirit of the show, I remain optimistic.

Anyway, you can see the trailer if you see the new James Bond (speaking of reboots…) this weekend. Or, like me, you’ll wait until the official site makes it available on Monday.


2 thoughts on “New hotness

  1. Never mind fuel cells and biofuels, what we really need is for scientists to make us some dilithium crystals. You’d have to raise the highway speed limit, though.

  2. Yeah, but then we’d all this cheap source of dilithium to build bigger and bigger dilithium-guzzling starships and before you know it, we’d hit Peak Dilithium Crystals.

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