Pure. Mutual. Hatred.

I’m just going assume you’ve seen it or read about it. In SNL’s cold opening this weekend, Tina Fey relinquishes her “Sarah Palin press conference sketch” to the real Alaska governor herself. As they pass each other, I could sense the room going cold. Palin claims Fey is “a hoot” but I think she’s just trying to be a sport. I can’t imagine her having warm feelings about someone who uses her own words to ridicule her.

Beyond Tiny Fey-as-Sarah Palin’s listing of states she considers “Anti-American” (New York, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Delaware), I’m not really sure what Palin’s appearance on SNL achieved. She was more of an onlooker, rather than a participant, in the sketches that were directly about her. But, more importantly, it just wasn’t terribly funny.


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