Family Man

According to our prime minister, because I have a kid, I’d make a great political leader. At least, that’s the impression I got from a couple of campaign ads running for the Conservatives in the current federal election. One pre-campaign ad featured a bunch of actors pretending to be everyday Canadians talking about how excited they were to vote Conservative. A woman said that she liked Harper because he was a family man with children. A second ad features Harper talking not about policy, but about being a father.

I resent this idea that starting families makes one lead a more moral life than others. I understand there is a desire to show the human side of politicians but the way certain politicians trot out their families at every opportunity has always bothered me. The implication has always been, it seems, that because we see their relatives, one candidate is more committed to family life than the other candidates.

Yes, it’s a wonderful thing to have children and I don’t doubt that Harper love his very much but what does that have to do with the war, health care, and the environment? 

Besides Duceppe, tThe other leaders, Dion, Layton, Duceppe, and May, all have children of their own. What makes them any different on that score than Harper, other than a lack of desire to use their families to score political points?


2 thoughts on “Family Man

  1. What I get from the Conservative ads is that, white people like Stephen Harper.

    I’m talking about the one where 63 people say they like Harper. I think there’s one Asian lady thrown in to show that he’s a multicultural kind of guy.

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