The wee bairn cometh

He’s less than four weeks away and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. This week, however, we got our last look at him via ultrasound at the hospital. What was notable was that his body was charted at growing two weeks in advance of Kerry’s actual gestational period (ie: he’s a 37 week torso in the 35th week of pregnancy).

His legs are at 35 weeks, which means he may have inherited my stubby legs but may have a bigger torso. I wonder if our DNA is combining to made a disproportionately sized child. We’ve been wondering what he will look like but that’s where the hospital’s technology comes in: They have a special software programme that, based on previous ultrasounds, as well as physical characteristics of the parents, extrapolates what the baby will look like as an adult.

We’ve just now gotten the results are impressed with the amount of detail they show. Have a look for yourself:


2 thoughts on “The wee bairn cometh

  1. Woo hoo! The countdown is on. Just be sure to get those hospital bags packed. Especially with that 2-week-in-advance torso!

    And hey…pack some trivial pursuit trivia cards to pass the time during early labour. We wanted to do that to see if we could manage to do a few rounds, but never had the time. Seriously. You think I’m joking, but… Actually, if she has an epidural, and it works, you could totally do it. Gotta do something to pass the time / distract from those, um, contractions.

    Wait ’til you see how much they grow outside of the womb…crazy. It’s a lot easier to carry them when they’re floating in fluid, inside your belly, than when you have to hold them using your arms.

    It’s good to see you took advantage of that new-fangled infant imaging software. Us? We decided to do it the old-fashioned way and wait to be surprised.

  2. The bag is indeed packed. The last piece of the pre-delivery planning was finished yesterday with the surprise baby shower. We were a little overwhelmed with people’s generosity. The baby looks like he dropped over the weekend so, yeah, it could be literally any minute now.

    The Guinness playing cards are packed, as are books, a take-home outfit, and pretty much everthing else we need. All we have to do now is … wait.

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