You’re Spying on Your Own

This came out last week but I still think it’s funny. Apparently, the in 1970’s the RCMP kept tabs on the Women’s Movement in Canada as they were on the look out for communist infiltrators. Not much was uncovered, of course, other than that the investigators had some ungentlemanly things to say about feminists in the 1970’s.

One of the women investigated was folk singer Rita MacNeil. When you think of political subversives undermining the social fabric of this fine nation, you think of the former host of Rita and Friends. When you think of someone who’d advocate the worker-led overthrow of the Capitalist State and the ensuing supression of religion, you’d think of the woman who hosted about a hundred Christmas specials. I mean, really, it’s hard to believe that her 1987 hit Fast Train to Tokyo” wasn’t about blowing up a fast train to Tokyo. She really had it in for Yasuhiro Nakasone.

However, since that time and since “Working Man” it #11 on the U.K. charts, Rita has been reduced to harvesting marijuana for Ricky, Julien, and Bubbles.

Or maybe she’s just selling drugs to fund her terrorist activities.


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