The clock counts down

So now we’re into single digit weeks leading up to the estimated delivery date. Last night, we went to the CLSC for our first pre-natal class which gave out a lot of info that we’ve already gleaned from the 18,000 books on birthin’ that we have. Still, it was nice to meet some other people who are about to experience the same thing we are.

The class ended with an old video of Phil Donohue in the 1980’s trying on a sympathy belly. It was a big hit.

So far, the youngling is faring well. He will likely be big but not Hagrid big, more like 9 lbs at birth, which is big, to be sure, but not as big as some other the other kids in his mum’s family (his grandfather, for instance, was 14 pounds at birth). Other than that, he’s reported healthy as a horse, as is his mum so this keeps me from worrying so much.

And he’s undergone a bit of a name change. Just to reserve the right to change our minds again, we won’t say what it is until he’s born. It’s not Kal-El, in case you’re wondering.

In other unrelated news, Rosie O’Donnell brought her big gay cruise ship to my old home town where a bunch of couples got themselves same-sex married. If you know anything about Saint John’s most famous ex-politician, you’ll probably find that as funny as I do.

What’s nice about this story is that Saint Johnners were more offended by Rosie calling the city “St. John’s” than they were about the marriages. Once in a while, the John takes a peek into the 21st century and finds it’s not all that scary.


One thought on “The clock counts down

  1. The youngling also has a huge weiner. I can’t wait to show you the ultrasound.

    He’ll put his infamous donkey-d*cked cousin to shame!

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