The Chenbot Cometh

I’ve made no secret of it, and I have no shame in admitting that I enjoy Big Brother. Or, to be accurate, I enjoy the idea of Big Brother. It hasn’t really lived up to its potential since season 6. Last year’s Richard Donato dominated season was particularly vile.

But the idea is always a compelling one for a short season of trashy, throwaway TV in the summer. Take a bunch of people with different backgrounds, throw them in a house, and see what happens. What happens instead is a bunch of unneccessry twists like people who already know each other, or are actually related. And the cast is a bunch of model/actor types, all looking for a big break that, as everyone knows by now, will never come.

The new batch, for a change, actually seems a little more diverse and, as far as I can tell, they don’t actually know each other. You’ve got your gay cowboy, a woman named after an astrological sign who lives in Texas and supports Barack Obama, and, in a show first, you’ve got a guy older than John McCain. The only guy who puts up the asshole flag is Dan, a Catholic school teacher who, in his bio, describes vegans as freaks, claims he would have moved out of the country if Hillary became president, and in general comes off as fairly obnoxious about his religious views.

If there is any kind of common thread to the season, it may be politics, given that there is bigger interest in the U.S. presidential election this year than ever before. Each hamster was asked which political office they would like to hold and their bios tend to include a mention of their political views. This is something that I always thought would work for the show – just get people with wildly diverging opinions in the house and see what happens. So this season may actually be watchable.

I still already hate them all, though.


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