A Cross to Bear

This week, U.S. Senator Barack Obama launched his first official campaign commercial as the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. In the ad, as Obama lists his accomplishments and his plans for the future as a montage of images showing the senator being raised by his mother and grandparents, and meeting with working class people. This projects to the voters an image of a man who has struggled to accomplish what he has but none of it would have been possible had he not be born in the country that he loves.

The ad also begins with him addressing the camera in front of a window where the frame creates a cross over his shoulder (pictured above).

This was done by Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in an ad last year when he ran for the Republican nomination, although he denied it as being intentional. And really, given that in the ad, he talks openly about being a Christian, subtle hints in imagery aren’t warranted.

I couldn’t help but see the same thing in Obama’s TV spot. The window may simply be located in his house and it could have been chosen for the light but usually images appear in commercials for a well-thought out reason.

There are still persistant rumours that he is secretly a Muslim. They could have taken a cue from the Huckabee campaign to imply to voters, “See? Christian. Not Muslim. Christian.” It’s a bit tragic that candidates not only have to declare their faith to voters, but it has to be the correct faith (and it can never be no faith).

On that score, however, I assume Obama does actually believe the scientific fact of evolution, whereas Huckabee believes in the biblical Creation myth. Obama’s actual opponent, John McCain, says the Hand of God had a part in the creation of the universe which, I think, is political code for “I haven’t been to church in twenty years but I’ll say this shit if it’ll shut you up.”

Obama is actually church shopping these days, after severing ties with his controversial pastor. I think, if he must choose, he should take a cue from America’s second president, and half my Massachusetts cousins, and hitch his wagon to the inoffensive Unitarian Universalists.

In the meantime, here are some more rumours about Obama.


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