Degrassi! The Musical

Remember that stuff I was saying in the previous post about not wanting pop culture to be confused with a shared national identity?

I totally take it back. Oh yeah, Degrassi is Canada.

And I just may be seeing it Sunday night, if the missus can wrangle some tickets.


7 thoughts on “Degrassi! The Musical

  1. The best part is that if you show up in ‘costume’, your ticket is $1 cheaper.

    BTW…no luck yet. But there is more than one show so ya know…it’s still possible.

  2. Please don’t. I was there and it sucked large turkey balls! Horribly overcast, ill-rehearsed, badly acted except on the part of “Wheels”, really. And maybe Spike. The only upside is the nostalgie of Degrassi and some okay musical numbers. But really, not worth it.

  3. So some of the acting was good, some of the musical numbers were good, and it’s got a nostalgia factor? Uh… have you been to the Fringe before? That sounds excellent. But I’m happy when the actors do more than sit at the edge of the stage in a leotard reciting poetry.

  4. Hey Zura – maybe you caught them on a bad night or something. I was there on Sunday – it was great! Genuinely funny + brought back a lot of memories. Definately worth it. I saw your blog, btw. Your “opinions, impressions and rants about life in general” really spoke to me – very fresh. Ever considered adding “thoughts” or “feelings”?

  5. It might have been a bad night, but still, I was annoyed most by the guy who had the perma-smirk on and didn’t bother to hide the fact that he couldn’t remember his lines. And the fact that no one was projecting, so a lot of lines were just muffled. Also, I had just seen a slew of really well-done Fringe shows so this one stood out in the wrong way. 🙂

    Shatnerian, did you end up going in the end?

    (Thanks, RM, I like to envelop my thoughts and feelings into rants, it seems ).

  6. Actually, no. Ended up at the Ecomuseum, followed by an evening of painting the baby’s room.

    It’s too bad the play sounded badly executed. The concept alone is brilliant.

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