The Wedding Week that Wasn’t

Our Cuban wedding vacation scuttled by the impending arrival of a youngling, the missus and I spent this past week in and around Saint John. Seven days there, and we still didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to.

We decided to break up the soul-crushing boredom of the more efficient route via Quebec and New Brunswick and went through New England, so we could count Obama and Hillary bumper stickers. Vermonters sure do love their bumper stickers (it’s a white people thing).

We also stayed overnight in Bangor to do a little shopping and ended up having supper at the Ground Round, simply because it was closest to the hotel and we were tired from driving. I ordered a southwest chicken salad thingy and while I’m no foodie, it may well have been the blandest thing I ever ate. The Sam Adams beer was the best part of the meal. And man, are American waitresses ever chirpy. I also realised that I had been in that restaurant once before, when I was 9 or 10.

A far better meal was to be found at Nougatine et Chocolate in Saint John, a new-ish French bistro run by real French people from France. I ordered the croque-monsieur (which is kind of my favourite sandwich) and it may well have been one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Kerry had the quiche lorraine. They also serve coffee from Maison Richard. The bistro is mainly a pastry shop and bakery that has expanded into offering simple meals. If you ever find yourself in the John, I’d recommend it. As a side note, the bistro occupies the old location for Callahan’s, my favourite dive bar from when I lived in Saint John.

While there, we ran into Mare, a friend and high school french teacher who was taking her class there for their last day before exams.

It’s tempting to move back to NB what with the cheap real estate and cool summers but I think I prefer it here.


One thought on “The Wedding Week that Wasn’t

  1. There’s a few good eating places in SJ now, but you know what we’re missing is a good eat-in Chinese restaurant now that Ming’s is gone.

    It was awesome to run into you guys as well. 🙂 I still haven’t mailed your card.

    My class enjoyed the visit to Nougatine also. We’re very lucky to have it within walking distance of the school; my wallet/waistline is less lucky to have it and Java Moose so close by.

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