On the Buses

Recently the local tabloid Journal de Montréal was shocked (shocked!) to discover that Montreal’s bus drivers don’t always check the validity of transfers. The Journal has a long history of manufacturing outrages over trivial matters. The last outrage came when it was discovered that fast food isn’t very good for you and isn’t even prepared in the most hygenic of conditions. I know, right?

Now readers are being asked to gnash their teeth over this shocking and appalling abuse of our public transit system which will be rendered moot when the paper transfers are replaced by smart cards.

Of course, if the journal thinks the dozen or so people getting a free ride on the bus is so grave, they could always suggest that the STM take a page from the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police and just taser their asses.


One thought on “On the Buses

  1. I had a friend who would just ask the bus driver if he could get on for free. “I’m only going as far as…,” he’d say. It worked about half the time.

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