Call me anytime. No, seriously. Any. Time.

I don’t have my Emily Post to refer to but I have a cell phone etiquette question for you all.

The facts, as they used to say on Pushing Up Daisies, are these:

  • You are in an office washroom stall, doing what is commonly called “Number Two.”
  • Your mobile phone goes off.

The question is this:

  • Do you take the call?

This happened not half an hour ago as I was exiting the washroom (sans mobile device, I hasten to add). From within a stall I heard someone’s phone go off. Just as I thought, “Wouldn’t it be awful if…” the man answered his phone. To discuss business. With his trousers around his ankles.

Such business, I assume, could wait until the toiletter had finished and returned to his desk. Now, if it were me, I would have waited. But that may be why I don’t make the big bucks because of my lack of committment to conduct business while on the can. This, one could argue, would be poor time management on my part. Not unlike blogging at the office.

Anyway, am I being an old fusspot by being a little bit squicked out by that or does the business call-bowel evacuation synergy cross a line somewhere?


6 thoughts on “Call me anytime. No, seriously. Any. Time.

  1. my mother talks on the cordless phone from the loo all the time. it really annoys me. and in a public washroom?

    there is NOTHING so important that you cannot finish your business before answering a call. when did we get to this mentality that you must CONSTANTLY be available? we see this with parents all the time insisting their kids be able to be on cellphone in class. when the district banned electronic devices (cellphones, mp3 players) from the classrooms because the kids were distracted from learning all the time, there was quite the uproar with some parents.

    this has nothing to do with your topic other than it irks me that people don’t seem to recognize private space anymore, and the fact that maybe you don’t NEED to be available 24/7. thanks for letting me vent my pet peeve. 😛

  2. Wait, you took their cell phones away? How will parents be able to determine if young Logan and Madison want KFC for supper if they can’t call them during Biology?

  3. That’s ridiculous that the PARENTS were outraged. Then again, they are probably the ones calling from the toilet.

    I barely answer my phone when I’m at my desk. So I’m not going to call while on the pot. I figure I’ll call them when I’m ready. I also don’t answer while driving or during lunch. Very little is THAT important.

    Though I might answer it in the stall if it’s the wife. Just for shits and giggles. “Hello, honey? Guess where I’m at?”

  4. I won’t even do number one on the phone. If I really really have to go and I’m in the middle of a conversation, I’ll say I’ll call them back in a couple minutes. I also almost never answer my phone while talking with someone in person. If I do, I finish the call as quickly as possible (under a minute or two). I think it’s rude to the other person to do otherwise.

  5. Interesting. I have heard stories about others who do this, but usually these incidents have occurred in their homes. I don’t like it one bit. In fact, my first apt in Toronto had phone jacks in both bathrooms (and there was even a working bidet!)! I kind of wondered what used to go on there.

  6. I confess to having taken a call while on the pot, but only once. Scene: bathrooms of downtown office, Montreal. 5:30 PM. The “perp” knows that his sweetie is going to pick him up outside the building some time in the next 20 minutes or so. She will call when she’s five minutes out.

    Perp goes to the loo to freshen up. Nature calls. As he is responding to that, sweetie calls. What to do?

    (a) Answer the call, which will be very short as she is driving. Along the lines of “I’m almost there.” “OK, see you in five!”

    (b) Don’t answer the call, setting up an infuriating cycle of voicemails all compressed into a very short timeframe while sweetie is driving (this was before the driving/phone ban), thereby ruining the first 10 minutes of our dinner.

    I chose (a).

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