Rock of Aged

Recently, the missus scored free tickets to last night’s advance screening of Young@Heart at the AMC Forum, the documentary about the titular seniors’ chorus. Led by Bob Cilman, the Massachusetts-based group performs an eclectic range of pop songs, including Sonic Youth’s “Schizophrenia” and, as shown above, the Ramones.

It’s all very quirky and funny until it becomes apparent that some of the singers aren’t going to make it through the film. Then it turns into a study on what it is to come to terms with your own mortality, something I’ve been mulling over since I got the news that 2 people and 1 cat were to become 2 people, 1 cat, and 1 baby. You look at life at little differently when someone is completely dependant on you (cats don’t totally count as they always have a Plan B in the event of their owners’ deaths).

Anyway, I recommend it.


One thought on “Rock of Aged

  1. Circle of life….don’t freak yourself out about this kind of stuff. I’ve been doing the death freak out since I was 37 (7 years after my mother died and 17 after my father died) – which I racked up to aging. I seem to be mellowing out now. But it’ll keep you up at nights so try not to wig out.

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