Team Christ

Other than an introductory post, I haven’t talked much about Big Brother this year. That’s because there isn’t a lot to say about this particularly dreadful. Initially, it was intended to be a shortened season of arbitrarily created couples playing other couples.

I guess CBS got bored with that plan and split the couples up and now everyone is playing everyone else individually. The show could be great with a real cross section of Americans playing off each other. Instead, the cast is drawn from a well that went dry years ago but then, who else has 3 months to devote to appearing on a game show? The truly interesting people in this world have real lives to lead.

And what does it say about the show that the guy with the past experience in, ahem, gay porn, isn’t the most compelling cast member? No, that honour belongs to Natalie, the “bikini barista” from Oregan who has three obsessions: former housemate Matty, whom she believes is her one true love, God, whom she believes is guiding her success in the game, and numerology, which she believes God uses to send her messages.

Last week, finding instances of the number 8 throughout the house, she correctly predicted that last year’s winner, “Evel Dick” (8 letters), would return to the house. This week, she is obsessed with the number 7.

She is also the Head of Household this week and has named her alliance, currently the dominant one in the house, Team Christ.

When it’s a slow TV season, bat shit crazy is always a solid programming choice.

When does Battlestar Galactica start again?


3 thoughts on “Team Christ

  1. I think Team Christ would be a good name for our Sunday morning gatherings.

    Never mind Battlestar Galactica (hey, didn’t it already start?).

    When is the new Dr Who due to make its appearance on CBC?

    And Pornwood, what about Pornwood?

    And the next edition of TAR?

  2. 1) yes
    2) on Friday
    3) no news yet but it’s about to start in the UK
    4) 2nd season has just finished in the UK but no idea for here
    5) Fall?

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