Kurdish Restaurant

From France

Arras, France. July, 1999.

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10 thoughts on “Kurdish Restaurant

  1. Hey, Mare. Do you remember the name/address of the place? I’d like to pin it on Google Maps (assuming the place still exists, of course).

  2. There’s a Kurdish restaurant in Knowlton. Well, actually, the owner and workers are Kurds. They make fantastic pizza, and the milliner and I make it a point to stop there whenever we’re in the area.
    However, I don’t know if these folks stone 14-year-old girls to death for dating outside of their religion, or if they save that little practise for back in Iraq.

  3. Hm, I don’t remember. It belongs to Sh’kour though. And I know the subtitle was “Restaurant Kurde”. I can find it on my mental map but the name of the street has long since gone.

    I also echo your “wha?”

    Hey, did you hear about my session last week at the school district office?

  4. Knowlton, as in Knowlton, Quebec, near Magog.
    Oh, you meant the 14-year-old thing? There was a video about 6 months ago showing a mob of men who stoned a girl to death, because she had the temerity to fall in love with a Muslim. It’s heart-wrenching, they stripped her naked while calling her a slut, those crazy hypocritical things that religious zealots do. I couldn’t watch until the end, but she’s begging for her life all the way through.
    I sure you can find in on Utube.

  5. Well we’ll all be in Knowlton this weekend… my folks live there… I have no idea which resto you’re referring to… unless it’s good ol’ Papa Spiros…

    Or Chez Guy – which makes death-cheeze-pizza (a soon to be Tanatino movie)…

  6. The pizza place is on the way out of town, in the opposite direction of Montreal. It’s a real hole in the wall, next to a now-defunct pet (grooming) store. Trust me, that dirty pie goes down really well.

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