“The Greatest Lie That Satan Ever Told”

A Trowbridge, U.K. man is selling his extensive collection of Doctor Who products, including a life-sized TARDIS (presumed non-functioning). The reason is that it interferes with his religious beliefs.

After retiring from his job as a nurse due to a bipolar disorder, Simon White turned to alcohol and his Doctor Who obsession. When he found religion, he saw that the 40 year old science fiction franchised represented “the greatest lie that Satan ever told.”

“God delivered me from the evil that is Dr Who, materialism and alcoholism.
“Through my relationship with Jesus I saw that none of this was making me happy and I was born again like Lazarus.”

He rejection of materialism would not, apparently, extend to the £7000 he’s expected to get for the collection.

The fourth season of the current incarnation of Satan’s Greatest Lie is expected to air in the U.K. around April 5 with an expectation that it will air in Canada by the summer.

Mr. White, of course, will not be watching it and will instead focus his attentions on the far more wholesome Torchwood.



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