Two weeks ago, the baby mama and I took a trip to Toronto, during yet another massive, record-breaking snowstorm. Originally, we intended to leave on Sunday but, knowing the storm would cancel our flights, I booked an extra night at the hotel with the intent of going home on Monday.

Part of that extra day was spent at the Royal Ontario Museum to see dinosaur bones and the very interesting traveling exhibit on Charles Darwin. I had no idea the Beagle’s voyage was actually 5 years in total. He was also descended on his mother’s side from the Wedgewood family, them what make the fancy china. He also married his cousin, as was the wont of the upper classes back then, and got his mug on the 10 pound note. Oh, and he revolutionized science. There are still Darwins in Britain, including his great-great granddaughter Emma Darwin. Imagine seeing your relatives every time you buy beer and smokes. What were my great-great-grandparents? Fishermen. Farmers. Names on a census form, certainly nobody famous enough to get on currency, although back when we had a one dollar bill in Canada, I thought my mum looked like the Queen.

The photo above is from their recently returned dinosaur exhibit. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the Darwin exhibit so you’ll have to go see it yourself, which I very much recommend.


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