Adventures in Forethinking

About 15 years ago, back when the internet was called the World Wide Web and it contained a handful of sites and a lot of USENET, I was a programmer at a campus radio station.

People who knew about HTML and servers and such were creating jobs for themselves with such titles as “Web Wizards.”  There was some discussion with these people of the possibility of creating a web site for the radio station and we even looked into this thing called “streaming” that you could use RealPlayer to do.

The Program Director wanted to go further. She foresaw programmers recording their own shows, then uploading them to the station’s server so that listeners could download them and listen to them in their own time. She also figured with the right home equipment, there wasn’t any reason people couldn’t record their own shows at home and send them to the station themselves.

I remembered her big ideas the other day as I was synching my iPod, mostly with radio shows from the CBC.

At the time, of course, I quietly scoffed at her ideas.

“Right,” I thought. “Good luck with that. Have fun trying to create ‘downloadable radio shows.'”


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Forethinking

  1. I really like the Midnight Poutine weekend playlist podcast. It runs about an hour and usually features artists playing in and around Montreal.

    Oh, and the Onion News Network. Can’t forget that.

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