If I can’t smoke and swear, I’m fucked.

First: some reading material. Denis McGrath is a screenwriter who keeps tabs on the health of domestic television production. And it’s a heck of a blog.

Long story short: Canada’s New Government is quietly amending the Income Tax Act to deny tax credits to any television programme deemed “offensive.” Without those tax credits, a lot of these shows would struggle to exist, which, of course, is precisely the point.

How do you determine what’s offensive? And who will make that decision? Well, now. That’s a question, isn’t it?

The bill is already on third reading in the Senate so this is close to fruition. You might want to contact your Member of Parliament if you think that you’re grown up enough to handle shows with a little controversy.

Certainly our current government doesn’t think that we are. But then, this is a government that has declared a war on knowledge so I’m sure television shows with dirty words, or boobies, or ideas they disagree with are next in the list of dangers to the public good.
Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Some cheeseburger eating fuckhead in Ottawa who thinks just because I don’t got my Grade 10 that I’m too fucking stunned to decided what I can watch on TV but it’s my TV and I can decide more better than anyone else what to watch on it. Fuck Valerie Harper. I didn’t vote for her.

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