She’ll always be Treena Lahey to me


Last night, in an effort to see at least one of this year’s Oscar nominated movies, my Baby Momma and I took in Juno, the independent, sort of Canadian, film about a pregnant teenager who decides to give her baby up for adoption. I say it’s Canadian because the cast is mostly Canadian, as is the director, and it’s shot in B.C. And because Ellen Page barely covers up her Haligonian accent when her character says, “Jeez, Banana, shut yer friggin’ gob.”

I enjoyed it but it did take me about 10 minutes to get over some of Diablo Cody’s precious dialogue but still, an indie movie with an indie soundtrack that states that the search for indie hipster cred is total horseshit has got to be a special movie in my book.

It also helps that it was a well cast movie. I’d have no complaints about seeing J.K. Simmons and Allison Janey playing parents in everything from now on. And, of course, Ellen Page managed to score a Best Actress nomination for the playing the titular character.

I remember her from the second season of Trailer Park Boys, playing Treena, the daughter of Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey. Watching the show, I remember thinking, “This girl seems to be acting at some higher level than the rest of the cast.”

Ever since then, every time I’ve seen her in something, I’ve always thought, “Hey, it’s Treena Lahey in Hard Candy.” Or “Hey, Treena Lahey’s in the X-Men and the ice guy is her boyfriend.”

I hope she wins the Oscar tonight because she’s pretty damn talented. But, to me, she’ll always be the little girl who helped Ricky find the confidence to get his Grade Ten.


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