Raul doesn’t count

Last summer when she and I got engaged, we had trouble deciding on a venue that was within our $1.99 budget. There were lots of places around Montreal where we would have liked to get married but just didn’t have the cash and we didn’t want to borrow that much to pay for a wedding.

So we decided on a resort wedding in Cuba. It solved a lot of problems in terms of favouring one person’s home town over the other. It was also cheaper than what we could have come up with here. And it directly addressed our laziness in not wanting to actually have anything to do with the planning of a wedding. This way, we just show up with a clean shirt and a pair of rings, and the resort would do the rest.

Also, it has long been my dream to get married in Castro-era Cuba so last August, we plunked down some money and booked us a wedding.

Last night, Fidel spoiled my dream by going and resigning at the youthful age of 81.  A new leader will be chosen on Sunday, although I think it’ll end up being his brother Raul for now. Sure, he’s a Castro, but it just isn’t the same.

I don’t know what will happen there now but I have a hunch it’ll be a slightly less authoritarian government. I don’t think there’ll be a violent overthrow of the government that would plunge the nation into chaos.

But in the off chance there is chaos and violence, it’s a good thing that, at the advice of a doctor, we cancelled the wedding after she got pregnant, eh?

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