And yet, Jeopardy still hasn’t called


Take the test here.


7 thoughts on “And yet, Jeopardy still hasn’t called

  1. Ha! I said to Jen when we watched it, that the only person who I figured would beat or match the megablogger who also scored 57 on the night was you!

    I scored 47… about 5 of which I can honestly say I would like back, meaning my virtual score was 52… heh.

    The next one is a sporty one.

    Let’s see how you fare then!

  2. I’m actually offended that they asked me my hair colour before I started.

    Seriously, I am. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    I scored 40…guess I’m too blond.

  3. I got 42. Yet again, below average among the above average. I could do well in sports, but I don’t know much about Canadianesque sports. So I’d likely do relatively poorly on that also.

    That 57 is quite impressive.

  4. My mind is weird. I can remember stuff like the names of the Mars rovers but I can’t remember what my boss asked me to do five minutes ago.

    I hear what you’re saying about the “below average among above average” thing. In high school, they moved me into an International Baccalaureate English programme, which I quickly failed out of so I moved to “enriched.”

    I can retain facts, just can do anything useful with them.

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