It’s Back


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This photo showed up at today. It’s from a teaser trailer that will appear before the movie Cloverfield, which opens tomorrow.

I thought Star Trek was all but dead until I heard the news that J.J. Abrams is making a new version with a new cast playing the original characters. It seems an odd choice, given that previous versions of the show have moved forward, except Star Trek Enterprise, in that particular universe. To go back to a time prior to the original series (assuming the internet rumours are true) seems strange. Also, the script is written by the guys who wrote Transformers (a movie I hated – sorry Procasto – although it has more to do with my seething hatred of Michael Bay than the script itself) does not sit well in my mind.

A cast reboot is not a new idea, however. Prior to the development of Star Trek: The Next Generation, plans were afoot to bring back Star Trek using new actors in the Kirk and Spock roles in a new weekly series. It would incorporate state of the art 1980’s design into the classic 6o’s show. Kirk would wear a skinny neck tie and Spock would sport jeri curls, for example.

The ship looks like it’s going through a redesign of some kind but nothing so major as to render the ship unrecognisable. The question of how this will be reconciled in continuity with the original series, however, is easily answered: you don’t. It’s a TV show.

On paper, this whole idea looks like a spectacular failure. But I’d rather see that than most of what aired on Star Trek: Enterprise. So, of course I’ll go.

UPDATEHere’s the official teaser.


4 thoughts on “It’s Back

  1. Star Wars did it!

    I hope it’s keeps the Shatneresque camp factor and doesn’t takle itself too seriously. I fear it will.

    As for Transformers: It was fun, but I don’t live or die by it…

  2. The script was ok and all, it did what it set out to do but, ugh, Michael Bay.

    I was bit squicked out at the end when Shia is making out with his girlfriend on the hood of his bumblebee transformer while all the other transformers watch him. It’s a little creepy.

    Also, Jazz, the one “black” Transformer, dies because the black guy always dies to save the white guys in action movies.

    Michael Bay movies are like the movies I would have made when I was 14, if I had the technical skill and budget to do so. I think Michael Bay might be Satan but I’m not sure.

  3. But to get away from my inarticulate hatred of Michael Bay and back the subject at hand, I think Star Trek is ultimately an optimistic franchise. I like the idea that, eventually, we’re going to sort this war and poverty and injustice stuff out and then go off and meet other races.

    I’m just hoping this new guy playing Captain Kirk, Biff McChipson (or whomever), can capture just 10% of this vintage Shatner cheese.

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