If I may make a suggestion

My only New Year’s resolution this year was to use more public transit. I recently discovered that a short, 3 stop bus ride to the Dorval train station also takes me to an employee shuttle that gets me to work, all within 35 minutes, 15 minutes longer than it takes me to drive.

With that, I decided there’s no real reason for me not to become a daily public transit user. This weekend, I bought a weekly pass, filled up my mp3 player, and marched out this morning to wait for my 6:39am bus.

And then I waited. And then waited some more. It finally came 20 minutes later, causing me to miss my shuttle by a whole minute and making me wait another 30 for the next one, causing me to be a half late for work.

Not a stellar start to my attempts to be more environmentally friendly and less reliant on foreign oil in 2008. Still, the bus did come, and I did make it to work so I won’t complain too much.

There’s an interesting idea on the table from the city’s transportation committee to convert the blue line into a tram line. This comes on top of plans to increase frequencies of some metro and bus lines, starting tomorrow.

I’d also like to propose that the transportation committee look into having the buses show up in accordance with the posted schedule.


8 thoughts on “If I may make a suggestion

  1. Listen, I’m all for dictatorships.

    In fact, I have plans for my own dictatorship that include severe punishment for riding your bike on the sidewalk. Your bike is confiscated and then given to your ex.

  2. I applaud Glacia’s bike removal scheme, and deem it brilliant.

    Is the public transport really unreliable? I’ve usually had good luck in Montreal, but I’ve never had to rely on public transport into the “banlieue” as it were.

  3. well well well… you couldn’t keep away huh?

    The ONLY improvement I am HELLBENT on making for the STM is a customer friendly environment, including the eradication (literally) of busdrivers who smoke on their buses.

    Welcome back…

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