Save the Moose

One of my favourite blogs these days is Consumerist, a shopping and finance offshoot of the Gawker empire.

A recent posting suggests that a Starbuck’s opening next to your independent café can, sometimes, help that café’s business.

If true, and we’d need to see something more than anecdotal evidence if it was, this is good news for Java Moose, a coffee chain based in my old home town and Happiest City in Canada.

Recently, Starbuck’s opened a location directly across from Java Moose’s McAllister Place (the city’s one big mall) location in what appeared to be a direct attempt to drive them out of business. The good folks at Java Moose worked very hard to bring coffee culture to the John and it would be a shame if fickle consumers abandoned them for the big, flashy chain. Last time I was there, I did notice a longer line-up at Starbuck’s than at Java Moose. It would be nice to see if they actually benefited from the new competition.

Now, if they could just work a little harder on their website…

Full disclosure: While writing this post, I was drinking Nescafé. Suck on that, coffee snobs.

4 thoughts on “Save the Moose

  1. i’ve noticed the uptown java mooses are still going gangbusters, i don’t think starbucks has hurt them at all. i, as you, am not sure about the one in the mall, especially when they open the other two starbucks planned for east saint john.

  2. Gangs don’t work on Sundays Uptown then. Because Tim Horton’s is still the only shop open on Sunday in the Uptown…. If Starbucks happens Uptown they will definitely do Sundays and then Java Moose will really run for cover. I think JM made a grave error letting TH have the Sunday coffee drinker all to themselves.

  3. Have you checked out the Red Whale Coffee Company in Rothesay yet? Granted we are not uptown but we are in the valley and we are open on Sundays. If you have not been I would encourage you to come check us out. Keep up the great blogging!

    The Red Whale

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