A Bad Day for Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. What is it about people who talk about moderation and stability and peace that drives others to kill them?

While I don’t believe Pervez Musharraf had a hand in her death, it’s clear that his presidency will benefit from it. Right now it seems Pakistan has a choice among a dictator like Musharraf or a Taliban-inspired theocracy or, possibly, former cricket star Imram Khan.

Still, the optimist in me hopes that some good will come of this. Perhaps her death will galvanize people into forcing free and open elections and an end to Musharraf’s rule. The realist in me, however, isn’t so sure that things will ever get better.


One thought on “A Bad Day for Pakistan

  1. It was not just assasination of Shaheed Mohtarma Benezir Bhutto but also vulnerable and less fortunate people of Pakistan for whom she secreficed her life without any hesitation and followers of Bhuttoes acknowledge her struggle for democracy, rule of law and equal civil rights of people of pakistan and those elements who usurped the due rights of people always remained hostile and inimical against BB and her father finally vanished the hopes of people by assasinating her as she was the only obstacle for thier neferious designs but they are mistaken if she is no more with people physically but her message is still existing .

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