This week I turned 36 years old. Gifts were given and my goode ladywyfe made me a nice cake.

Wait, she’s not technically my goode ladywyfe. She is, legally, my conjointe de fait, as they say here in Québec, or common-law spouse. So “goode ladywyfe” isn’t exactly accurate, is it? To make it an accurate statement, things would have to be made more official.

So this morning, we took a walk down to the nearby park where we walked along the St. Lawrence river. I pulled out of my pocket a small sapphire ring, and I asked her a question.

Do you know what she said?

She said, ‘yes,’ which is the loveliest word I’ve ever heard.


17 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. So John I think that we could say that you tried to pull the pin on this blog far too soon ,face it once the blogging bug bites youy just have to go with the flow…
    Oh yeah congrats on the engagement

  2. Man, you drop off the face of the earth for a few weeks and miss so much….
    CORGRATS!!!!! There are no finer a Sir and Ladywife who deserve all the happiness in the world.
    And happy birthday, sorry we missed it. Jack really wanted to be there….
    See you soon!!!

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