Belles du Jour

News item: Report finds prostitution to be thriving in New Brunswick.

I might want to point out that if sex workers are wearing sweat pants, as they do in Saint John, I don’t know if “thriving” is the word I’d use. And I’ve already gone on record stating the need for legalised prostitution.

It’s also thriving in Lachine, something the goode ladywyfe and I discovered while recently dining at McDonald’s. We sat close to a gentleman and his female companion as he fielded calls on his cell phone from prospective clients.

In such a business, one might expect discretion to be exercised. This was not the case with the man, who spoke loudly with what I guessed was an Eastern European accent.

“Yes, you want a lady to come visit you? $45 dollars an hour. No. Outcalls only. You don’t like it? Oh yes, that’s a problem. You need to call the government about that. I’ll give you the number: 1-800-Go Fuck Yourself. Bye.”

I weep for the state of customer service in this country.


3 thoughts on “Belles du Jour

  1. Poor customer service indeed! It’s what killed Eatons, and I’m sure that the pimps in Canada will soon be bought out by large American corporations too.

    I say, ‘Keep the Hoser in Hooker!’

  2. I’ve been thinking of immigrating to Canada for years now (love the country) and this pretty much seals it. You guys should really think about putting this on the brochures.

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