Not surprised.

When I learned of the lack of a full environmental impact assessment for the Eider Rock refinery project, I wrote a couple of emails to federal Environment Minister John Baird and his New Brunswick counterpart, Roland Haché. I expressed my displeasure at the news and urging to ensure that the new refinery be stopped if it is found to be uncompliant with any related regulations. What I got back were a couple of copy and paste form letters from their offices, offering the usual assurances that the project will be held up to the most rigourous review possible, which one takes with the usual grain of salt.

I’d send my usual emails to the politicians involved but it’s too late this time. The proposed natural gas pipeline has been approved by the National Energy Board to cut directly through one of the largest urban parks in Canada.

Just once, I’d like to see a victory for the people who care about what happens to their public spaces. Just once.


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