Clicking Around

My daily blog reading takes me to a lot of familiar places, people I have linked to on the side bar of this page who are either friends, have become friends, or are simply like (and not so like) minded writers. I leave comments on their sites, and they on mine.

But I also, through my Google Reader, read a lot of sites where I don’t comment or make any direct link but I always enjoy what these people have to say. I thought I’d list three of my favourites here:

  • Living Between Wednesdays – Rachelle Goguen is a Halifax-based employee of the long-standing comic shop Strange Adventures, as well as a musician. She writes about current comic releases (they come out on Wednesdays – hence the title) with healthy doses of humour. Sample post: Fun With Hal Jordan.
  • Julia Sweeney – Yes, the same Julia Sweeney who used to play the androgynous Pat on Saturday Night Live. Her one-woman show, God Said Ha! chronicled her experience with cancer and how her faith saw her through it. Since then, she has come to reject religion and embrace atheism. Her blog, in part, talks about the development of that process. Sample post – A weird experience on the Craig Ferguson show.
  • Quiet Laughter – The photo blog of Leigh-Anne, a fellow ex-Canada World Youth participant (we were on the same Senegal exchange and have recently got back in touch with each other via email). She lives in St. Thomas, On with her husband and two children. And she takes nice photos. So this one actually is a friend but I don’t comment on that site simply because you need to have an account to do so and I can’t be arsed to create one.

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