The Joker’s Styled


The sequel to Batman Begins, Batman Begins 2: Batmannier and Beginnier The Dark Knight has begun filming and already the first official photo of the film’s main villain has been released. Above is Heath Ledger as The Joker, looking a far cry from Jack Nicholson or Caesar Romero, and appearing to be a big, big fan of the Dresden Dolls.

The photo was found (via CHUD) at, and you can see it if you do some stuff with a code. Harvey Dent is a character from the Batman comics who becomes the villain Two-Face. All the other villains not cool enough to be a Batman villain, become Dick Tracey villains.

I’m not sure I like the Batman series’ attempts to be gritty and realistic so I guess that’s what they’re going with here as The Joker appears to have been mutilated. This seems to be the preferred result rather than having the character appear to look like a cartoon. In Batman Begins, he drives a military prototype all-terrain vehicle, rather than a Batmobile. But you know, the Batmobile in the comics is just plain cool and it doesn’t need any further justification than that.

In any case, when this shows up as your friends’ avatars, you’ll know where it came from.

UPDATE – The page is suddenly blank, unless unless you highlight it. Lots of fun.


2 thoughts on “The Joker’s Styled

  1. Perhaps but the approach suggests to me that the director doesn’t completely trust the source material and feels that certain aspects need to be given a real-world explanation. I think a guy who looks like a joker from a deck of cards and who goes around killing people works on its own merits.

    If they wanted to stay noirish, it would be nice if they took a page from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, which is probably the definitive Joker story.

    But it’s a single photo and perhaps in the larger context of the film, it probably will fit nicely.

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