Yau – Spoilers for the Survivor Finale

If you haven’t seen last night’s Survivor finale, you might not want to read this.

I was a big Yau-Man Chan fan from the first episode of this season’s ‘Survivor.’ After landing on the beach, the newly arrived castaways are presented with a wooden box that was nailed shut. After a few manly men with their useless gym muscles tried in vain to break it open, Yau picked it up and simply dropped the corner of the box onto a rock, easily splitting it apart. He pointed out that you just needed to strike the weakest point of the object. Then he went to make tea. From that moment, I rooting for this guy.

Throughout the season, Yau played a social, strategic, and physical game wherein just about everyone underestimated him. His one critical error was making a risky truck-for-immunity deal with someone who calls himself “Dreamz,” the least stable player on the island. “Dreamz” reneged, and Yau was voted out by Earl, who was his closest ally on the island.

For his part, Earl didn’t have much choice. He knew that in the final three scenario, he’d never beat Yau. With Yau gone, Earl won by a unanimous jury vote. So while Earl played a very good social game and came off as a pretty likeable guy, I think Yau really deserved to take the win because nobody fought harder than he to get as far as he did.


6 thoughts on “Yau – Spoilers for the Survivor Finale

  1. Amen. I swear my heart almost broke when Dreamz said “I’m gonna keep it”. Not only that, but when Yau then took full responsibility for his fate it happened again.

    AI never missed a season of “Survivor” (Save Marquesas) and my interest was beginning to wane. This one brought it all back.

  2. The missus can attest that I hissed “FUCKER!” at the TV when Dreamz kept the immunity (and the truck).

    Survivor is always a bit of mish-mash until the merge. You see a few key players early on that you like but you’re afraid to get attached to them, knowing they’ll likely get booted soon. After the merge, the true story of the season makes itself known. But I also think Yau and Earl were high points in a generally sub-par season.

  3. I liked how they kept it racially diverse, yet didn’t make a big deal out of it. This mixed group seemed more real to me for some reason.

    My heart sank for both of them, Yau and Dreamz. I was starting to believe in Dreamz and that shattered it. I wanted to cheer for him as a third place finisher and then to find out that it was (as he says) his plan all along and then he kept the truck. I still can’t believe it.

    At least Earl won (along with his poker face).

  4. I hope this is a trend that continues as well. Casting more diverse contestants seems to bring about more “everyman” and “everywoman” type characters. The show, and Jeff Probst in particular, seem to leg-hump these buff, white, alpha-male types that they cast when guys like Yau are far more compelling.

    Anthony was a far more interesting person than that so-called manly man Rocky but Probst took Rocky’s side when he started bullying him about being “effeminate.” But what, exactly, qualifies Rocky as a masculine? He won no challenges but he, well, talked a lot and often with his mouth full. I guess that’s manly. And he can’t climb stairs.

    Anthony, on the other hand, came off as a funny, intelligent guy. I know who’d I rather for go out for beers with.

  5. Special mention must go to the theatrics and shameful self righteousness of Lisi, Alex and Rocky. I wanted to throw stuff at the TV when they were on.

    As for Boo and his christianity…wow…

  6. I wouldn’t throw Lisi’s theatrics into the category of shameful self-righteousness simply because nothing she said made any sense.

    “Look at your shoes! What about those, huh? What about those stupid shoes!!!”


    Lisi: Dreamz. How many zeroes in one million?
    Dreamz: Six
    Lisi: Six? (Looks to Alex for confirmation) Six! That’s right. And truck has zeroes. Less zeroes. So you get less zeroes. Look at Cassandra’s shoes!!!

    Cassandra: Well, I don’t really see it as…
    Cassandra: I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you’re talking about.
    Alex: I SAID!! SHUT! UP!!!

    Hey, Alex. Here’s a loaded question you might like:

    When did you stop beating your wife?

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