Odin Gets His Bath On


When I build my dream home, I’m totally putting in a Pool of Peace.

From The Mighty Thor #140


3 thoughts on “Odin Gets His Bath On

  1. They look more like Crocs.

    I love reading the old Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comics from the 60’s. Stan the Man had such an enthusiastic writing style so much so that I hear his voice instead of all the characters. And Kirby’s art was well suited for that era.

  2. I agree. Definitely got a soft spot for the Lee-Kirby team-up. Fantastic Four especially…Lots of high drama and great epic stuff. It’s where all the crazy Marvel cosmology comes from — Galactus, Skrulls, all that stuff. Definitely beyond the everyday. And very different from what followed in the low-key, gritty and urban stuff from the 70s (c.f. Daredevil or the highly doubtful Moon Knight).

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