There’s Got to be a Morning After

And so we gathered together for an evening of festive cheer and food and drink. There were games of skill and chance, although cold weather prevented our enjoyment of a rousing bit of hoop and stick. The children were enthusiastic and cheerful in their domestic duties, although when it came to removing the roast pig from the oven, there was much lamenting over the lack of oven mitts.

There was a game called Quelf, which would be most useful in making your friends look foolish. There was much nose-picking and yodelling. The game had strange tasks as well.

Much beer was also left  behind so it made a hearty and most filling breakfast. For second breakfast, I shall take on the wine.


4 thoughts on “There’s Got to be a Morning After

  1. Yes, my gastric system was adversely impacted also, and I had to spend several hours in a small room with six other guys the next day…

    Those meatballs made it all worth it though.

  2. The Acadian Tourtiére made an excellent meal for elevenses. But yes, my gastric system was severely affected. I thought I had the flu. Turns out I was just hungover with a case of John-is-a-big-fat-pig.

    We’ll have to do it again, only with more ales and less food.

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