Soon to be Unplugged

At some point over the next week, I’m going to have to unplug and pack the PC in preparation for the big move to Lachine. I’ve been derelict in my duties, as well. So far, I’ve neglected to mention the following:

  • The two day Easter trip to Saint John, where I saw my family and met their new puppy.
  • My parents’ long and agonising decision to book a one-week cruise to Bermuda.
  • The fact that I entered a church without the ground beneath trembling.
  • My sudden misplacement of ten pounds of body fat. Don’t worry, I’ll find it again soon.
  • Dave and Lori and Lake and Michelle being eliminated from ‘The Amazing Race,’ leaving me with only the hippies or perhaps Ray and Yolanda to root for.
  • Those weird diagrams Locke saw on ‘Lost.’
  • How organised crime in New Jersey deals with a captain’s coming out on ‘The Sopranos’ (hint: it’s not overly supportive).
  • The return of the $405 paint bill from the landlord and its subsequent cancellation.
  • The mystery of the cabane à sucre and their insistence on adding a discotheque element.

I may pop in and out over the next week as time allows but if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s probably because I’m moving. Or I’ve been kidnapped by The Others.


2 thoughts on “Soon to be Unplugged

  1. My god!! You too! You find the addition of poor flashing lights and the “Chicken Dance” to be an oddity at these fascinating socialogical venues? And who feel like dancing after 30lbs of ingested sugar cane?

    BJ and Tyler were given a freakin’ life-line in the last show. Although their bus trip with the ghosts of racers past was freakin’ hilarious!

  2. when i was in quebec with the kids on the exchange last year, we went to a cabane a sucre. it was awesome. the weirdest part was the musical chairs, though.

    you know what’s inevitable? karao-cabane a sucre

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