When we last left The Amazing Race, we were left with a To Be Continued in Moscow, Russia. No eliminations, just a continuation of the race as the teams were given their next clue by Phil and they were off to Germany. Team Jock’s Eric and Jeremy took an early lead as their first task was make their way to the Mercedes plant. There, they were to, well, sit in a car as a professional driver drove high speed around and up the walls of a racing track.

Eric and Jeremy really dig the chicks. Have they mentioned that yet?

Another task had teams running through a field trying to find hidden Travelocity Gnomes. Wanda and Desiree (pictured above with Desiree breastfeeding the Gnome) got lost, bickered, and fell behind. They never made up the time and, as a result, were eliminated. It’s too bad. Desiree looked really cute in the lederhosen she had to wear for the Bavarian folk dancing task.

While Team Jock (who, it should be noted, really like girls) are still in the lead, BJ and Tyler are showing themselves to be good racers. They carefully read their clues, speak just enough the local languages to get by, and pay attention to what they’re doing. The forced wackiness continues (“Hey look at us running backwards toward the mat!”) but they’re becoming my favourites to win.

My sentimental favourites are still Team Nerd’s Dave and Lori but I don’t think anyone seriously expects them to win. Had the Race ended last week in Moscow, they would have been eliminated. As the race continued, you could see them getting fatigued and I fear their days are numbered. I loved Dave’s “We found Phil at the Psych-You-Out Pit Stop.” If somehow they do win, I will likely weep tears of joy the way I did when Uchenna and Joyce won.

Also, Eric and Jeremy really love the ladies. Phil still thinks they’re horrid.

Next episode: Lori cries!


5 thoughts on “Snell!

  1. In a moment of madness, we did NOT arrange to have this video’d or DVD’d!! I’m still a little confused. Did anyone get eliminated last Tuesday? I should go to the AR website… but this is much more informed and opinionated. And a hearty “OCH!” to yous! Go BJ and Tyler!

  2. Och aye! Welcome back from Scotland. The CBS website does race summaries so they help a bit. Two weeks ago, they were in Russia. As Team Jock arrived at the pitstop, Phil told them they were still racing which ended that episode with a dramatic “To Be Continued.” The only “to be continued” that was more frustrating was when (Big Ass Battlestar Galactica Spoilers) was when Adama ordered Starbuck to shoot Admiral Cain in the head.

    Anyway, they went to Germany last week which was where Wanda and Desiree were eliminated.

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