Priming, BBQ. Indian, V, and Ashley

It’s been a busy week at Casa del Shatnerian. After my friend at work was let go, things got really busy for me as I had to take up the slack. Today, for example, I did a 12 hour day. I’d like a new job, like beer rep or own a little book store in Dorval or become a rat catcher in Calcutta. Just. Not. This. Job. Right. Now. (Truth be told, my boss took pity on me as she was leaving work and said I could take off early tomorrow. They honestly don’t expect me to work myself into an early grave.)

Still, I had a weekend. We painted primed the bathroom and dining room walls and started packing for the move. And starting pricing inexpensive barbeques at Canadian Tire. We’re looking forward to paying less rent for a larger place that allows barbeques in a neighbourhood not much further from downtown than we already are. And did we mention the barbeque?

Saturday night, the Blogger Formerly Known as Rebel Novice came through town on a four hour layover on her way to Toronto so we went out for authentic West Island Indian food. We discussed future plans for her edjamucation, which friends are fighting (eyeroll), which ones are pregnant (feigned enthusiasm), and how two other friends will finally after all these years be having their same-sex wedding in September (yay!).

Sunday, we missed the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (and our chance to see Ben Mulroney in person) and opted instead to go see V for Vendetta. I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to hit the major beats of the original graphic novel, even while it veers off in different directions. I don’t think any adaptation can or even should be 100% faithful. That’s what the source material is for. And while there were things I would have liked to see left in the movie, I liked what they did with it. Even the Benny Hill sequence.

And number one at the box office. Guy Fawkes owns your movie-watching ass.

There’s news today that fiddler Ashley MacIsaac wants to run for the federal Liberal leadership.

He plans to fund the $50K entrance fee by selling some art, including a painting of the House of Commons, a Canadian Flag and a cartoon depicting the Last Supper as attended by various political and terrorist leaders.

The reason for the sudden interest in the top job come from what he feels is a looming threat of Quebec separation, which he plans to stop, as soon as he learns to speak French.

You know what? He still has a better chance than most of the others, even if he’s clearly back on the pipe.

Still reading? Good.

And make merrie, goodly squire! Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog!


3 thoughts on “Priming, BBQ. Indian, V, and Ashley

  1. (LOL) Ashley MacIsaac declaring that looming Québec sovereignty is Canada’s biggest problem pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin for a legitimate defense of federalism, then tosses the whole hyped fear-mongering cause into the ‘cook’ pile where it belongs.

  2. I wish people would stop freaking out about Québec separation/sovereignty. It will either happen or it won’t. Either way, we’ll manage. There will be a mountain of legal and other issues to figure out, but we’ll manage. Or maybe it’s just more of an issue for those outside the province. When I was younger and in NB, it was a worry. Now that I live here, it’s not.

  3. I agree, whether it ever happens or not it’s certainly nothing to get all worked up about. Sometimes I wish every Canadian could live in Québec for a short while and learn that for themselves.

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