Lake, like the ocean (TAR spoilers)

It’s a complex Race this year.

I had serious worries at the start of this season of The Amazing Race that Mississippi dentist and Ross Perot impersonator Lake (“Lahk tha ocean”) was to be this season’s villain. Describing himself as “competitive” is often coded language for “belligerant,” “rude,” and/or “belittling of others.” As his wife Michelle describes herself as an 1860’s Southern Belle who allows her husband to make the decisions, a picture forms of some kind of Scarlett O’Hara (complete with slaves, I suppose) with Robert deNiro from This Boy’s Life for a husband.

And yet, he’s far from this season’s Jonathan. And she’s no Victoria. While Joseph’s calling him Scott Peterson was darkly funny, it’s not very accurate. They’re just both complete idiots.

Last night, for example, they got lost again right out of the gate. He blames it on her, repeatedly telling her to shut up. But she gives back as good as he gets so she’s far from brow-beaten. It’s more comical than uncomfortable. Then, learning that the Russia was the next stop, he whined, “Aw, Ah don’t wanna go ta Russia! It’s too cold!” And full o’ commies, no doubt. Lake, you do know what show you signed up for, right? Michelle, learning that a Roadblock required that one of the team jump off a high platform into a pool, told Lake to do it, fearing that she’d have to do it in the nude. I think she was confusing a Russian swimming pool with a Russian spa.

The villains this year are shaping up to be Eric and Jeremy, the two misogynist frat boys as much into each other (“Way to go, Tiger!”) as they are into Team Tee-Hee, with whom they may or may not have already become “familiar.”

No eliminations this week but I’m sure Fran and Barry will find a way to fall even further behind in the next episode. Yes, it was “To Be Continued” with closing credits music that wasn’t that dramatic since Riker made the order to fire on the Borg cube with Picard still on it.



5 thoughts on “Lake, like the ocean (TAR spoilers)

  1. If I told my wife to shut up and stop being a bitch I’d fully expect something large and heavy like a loaded backpack to be flying towards my head. Maybe Southern Belles don’t do that kind of thing. They also don’t show any skin at all in front of Russians apparently.

  2. I lost interest after the third ‘Amazing Race’ – though I did like them.

    I’ve been meaning to post on your blog for a long time, but the old computer wouldn’t let me. “Computer says no.” (if you watch ‘Little Britian’)

    Thanks for adding me as a link – I’ll do the same for you next time I update the blog.

  3. I think that Texan fool and his equally foolish girl will be villainous yet. Because of their stupidity they have distanced themselves from the rest of the crowd and never really make contact – so it’s tough to guage… But man – they are stupid! And no hippy bashing this week?

  4. Hey, the hippies were the only ones shown to stop and say, “Hey, check out this cathedral. It’s beautiful.” They really shouldn’t have been jumping out in front of the Beetles and shouldn’t have psyched Lori out on the clue-box but in many ways, they typify what’s good about Amazing Race – seeing two people who like each other racing smartly around the world, but stopping every now and again to smell the roses. Dave and Lori, Ray and Yolanda, and Joseph and Monica are all like this as well.

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