Damn Dirty Hippies (TAR spoilers)

There is a lot of things to hate about Amazing Racers BJ and Tyler: their self-proclaimed “hippieness,” the overly affected “free spirited” antics, the constant mugging for the camera, the general wuh-huh-huh-WHAACKINESS. And yet, I don’t hate them as much as I should. They’re enthusiastic and good natured about their tasks, they’re polite to the locals, and are just having fun with their race. Underneath the exteriors, they’re probably both okay guys.

Team Jock (which, by the way, refers to their athletic interests and not any percieved Scottishness), on the other hand, can bite me. You can talk about getting laid, spanking girls, getting laid, getting laid, and getting laid all you want. Team Tee-Hee does not want to have sex with you. They want to win a million dollars. We get it. You’re hetero. You like hot girls and yet you still haven’t noticed Desire is the best looking one there. Why? Because she’s not blonde? How … original. And don’t threaten Phil. Ever.

Speaking of Phil, I gotta hand it to the guy. He barely hides his disappointment and disgust with certain teams. If he thinks you’re tools, you get the bad eyebrow pop. If he likes you, you get happy eyebrow pop.

Team Nerd
are still my favourites and wisely choose science-based tasks (they had to make ethanol last night). They’re a little overly cuddly but it comes off as genuine.

Team Asshole Who Yells At His Wife is tired of Spanish. Spanish is, I’m sure, very tired of him, too. Except that they speak Portugese in Brazil. Asshole. Actually, not an asshole. Just a tool.

Team Screech
ended their race last night. My eardrums are not sad to see them go.


15 thoughts on “Damn Dirty Hippies (TAR spoilers)

  1. I think team Jock got ‘confused’. They had to long for and crave the very sight of Phil so badly and for so long that it started to really turn them on. Once found, they had to threaten him a little just to relieve the intense build-up of sexual tension.

  2. Desiree is way out of the Jock’s league and they know it. They just want some barbie girl action. I won’t be at all surprised if they get some.

    The Married Forever team have to be the next to go. I’m sure they are good people but they seem hopelessly inept. And blind.

    I’m more interested in what Kellie and Bucky’s next big city meals are. Oh sorry, wrong show.

  3. I hate team pseudo-hippie with the heat of a thousand flaming nuns. I think they’re so caught up in their own phoniness that they’ll never be able to remember who they originally were.
    VW bugs are no more their roots than wearing an earring makes me a pirate. Mmmm, pirates.
    As to team jock, I think one of them is compensating for his premature receding hairline. And the other one is compensating for his, um, small penis?

  4. The VW comment struck me as pretty weird. Since when are 40 year old cars their “roots” when they look my age or younger. My car roots are the 1988 line of Pontiac Sunbirds.

    They claim to be after girls but in reality, they hate women (ie: referring to Team Tee-Hee as “bitches and ho’s,” and Tuesday’s “Phil, you woman, I’m gonna punch you!”). I think it’s pretty clear that Team Jock are mad for each other. Or Phil. Or all three.

    The Married Forever Team are incredibly dumb. I miss Don and MJ of Team WASP.

    And two episodes in, Team Asshole isn’t so much Asshole anymore as Buffoon so my knives aren’t as sharp for him. Colin was an asshole, but a good racer. Jonathan was over-the-top asshole and an idiot. Lake is neither of these things. He’s gonna have a meltdown in front of the cameras when his arrogance and ineptitude gets the best of him.

    And does Ray say anything? Like, ever?

  5. Now now now!!

    How can you not like so-called hippies!? They are so completely thrilled to be in the race, period, that they are having the time of their lives… and kudos to them for keeping it light… I find it absolutely refreshing that that they can let it out positively rather than being so into themselves and their own asses (in a non homophobic way).

    They’re so my people. My roots!! I was once one of them.

    My eardrums are better for not having Team Scream around any more, Team old timers are next, when maybe Mrs Oldtimer realises that she can’t do what she could 30 years earlier. Like assembling Bikes and um pythons.

    I’m also kind of looking forward to the meltdown of the relationship between the nerds.

    Now THAT’S TV!

    And eyebrowpopworthy!

  6. I was conceived in the back of a VW bug. Does that make them MY roots?

    I still don’t understand the world’s fascination with blondes. Guess that leaves more for the rest of us.

    I agree that Mr Shop of Horrors is not as bad as past villans. He is just incredibly intense. That may degrade over time, but until then there have been worse.

  7. Can I just mention that I live with a blonde and that she’s very, very pretty? Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    BJ and Tyler are definitely not into each other’s asses. That would be Team Jock.

    [Andrew Dice Clay]”OOHH!”[/Andrew Dice Clay]

    I’ve always had an issue with people who identify with a subculture in such a way that they immediately embrace the label and all the stereotypes that come with it. Chances are, if you’re really a hippie, or a punk, or a mod, or a goth, or a rude boy, chances are you don’t refer to yourself by that tag. These guys come off as playing at being hippies.

    It’s like the time when I was a Foppish Dandy. I kept the flower in my neatly pressed Edwardian waistcoat, kept quoting Swinburne, carted around my Noel Coward records and would say things like, “The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about.”

    I was insufferable.

  8. I still don’t see them as affected.

    They just look like they’re having a great time… I used to have hair down to my ass, and enjoy the freedom of ‘non-conformity’ by just enjoying myself. And I certainly didn’t expect or care what people thought of me… There are those subcultures which exist solely for that purpose. Having a good time for the sake of having a good time, can’t be a bad thing!

    Sure – I got a job and cut my hair and conformed, but I have nothing but fond memories of the good times…

  9. Procastro, I’m having to deal with the twitchiness of Taylor Hicks on American Idol (I’m not even gonna touch that whole Kellie vote-for-the-hick Pickler), the craziness of Shane on Survivor, that the whole affectation of the “hippies” gets stuck in my craw.
    They’re wearing red pants! They’re crazy! And fun! They’re crazy and fun! They have beards! They’re crazy, fun, and have beards!
    I can handle it from first-year university chicks who don’t wear bras and proclaim that they were born too late and really belong in the late ’60s, but it all just smacks of too much trustifarianism to me.
    Damn thing is, those boys are in shape.
    Everyone called Rob (Mariano) and Amber (Brkich) fame whores, but they pale in comparison to the Harvard hippies.

  10. Don’t slam the Hippies, they are like Taylor Hick from Idol: a dark horse and probably not going to win, but damn fun to watch and totally passionate about the task at hand.
    If you’re going to throw stones, throw big-ass boulders at those two Evil, creepy, think-they’re-hot-but-are-totally-carrying-rufies-in-their-pockets-just-in-case Miami boys. Could they PLEASE lay off talking about girls’ asses for ONE MINUTE?
    The Nerds are my favorites too though, they are super cute and I dig that they have their own secret hand shake!

  11. Ah well – each to their own. It’s nice to be wacky. And free. To be wacky. Maybe the ones who worry what others think of them are the affected ones. I genuinely don’t think they do. And they are so nice to everyone they meet. They give positive vibe.

    I root for them and their roots.

    And I used to have red pants!

  12. Sorry, I’m not against blondes. I just find it odd how so many people are into blondes for blonde sake. You don’t see that as much with brunettes and people with black hair.

  13. See I’m pleased with the happy neo-hippies, but I’m against the red pants (gotta draw the line somewhere). They’re harmless ‘dazzle’ hippies anyway, with a dash of ‘Yellow Submarine’. More sparkles, colour and glam than carob chip cookies, dirty feet and communal beds. Hey, I’m almost in the same boat as you F! My parents seriously discussed aborting me while sitting in their red VW bug – later known as the ‘family’ car. Can I claim it as my roots too? (lol)

  14. Frank, yeah I know what you mean. I just didn’t want to come off as anti-blonde.

    It reminds me of The Bachelor where, invariably, in the first episode, he boots out as many non-blondes and non-caucasians as possible, eventually whittling down the competition to one blonde or, well, a different blonde.

    Team Jock are that guy.

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