Phil’s Eyebrow Returns

Thanks to Patrick for reminding me that The Amazing Race starts tonight. It’s been gone almost a whole year. There was something on in the fall that involved families that was sort of like the Amazing Race, except really lame, so I don’t think it counts. I prefer to think that, in the language of comic book fan boys and Trekkies, it happened “out of continuity.”

Looking at the roster of teams, it appears the producers have taken the unusual step of casting real people and not model/actors (or “Mactors“). This bodes well for a good season already.

I’m awful at predicting the winner but there are a few teams worth noting:

Team Nerd – David and Lori. My pre-race favourites. They’re into indie rock. Claim to speak “Sesame Street-level Spanish.” God I hope they can drive a stick shift.

Team Groovy – BJ and Tyler. They wear Hawaiian shirts. They wear red pants. They make goofy faces. They’re WACKY. And yet, they’re well travelled. Could good far. Could also grate with their wackiness.

Team Closet – John and Scott. They’re “lifelong friends” who share happy memories of trips together to Provincetown. Riiight.

And don’t forget Team Tee-Hee, Team Smoov, Team Jock, And, of course, the requisite Team Asshole Who Yells At His Wife.

Cock that eyebrow at will, Mr. Koeghan.


12 thoughts on “Phil’s Eyebrow Returns

  1. God, I love that show. You nailed it on the head with Team Closet. Team Jock looks more like Team Surf. Maybe thats why they get along with Team Groovy. I can do without the Screaming Frosties and Team Asshole is not as bad as Team Blueberry was.

    Stockholm, Tokyo, and the Corinthian Canal. Looks to be fun a fun season.

  2. I am SO into this show! I call Team Groovy. They are so my people, back in the day, when I was, y’know, groovy. And the dark haired one lookes FRIGHTENINGLY like Chris Robinson.

    Go Groovers.

    Team Closet? Not so closet.

    You will be pleased to know that there is a “Reality TV” section in my pub quiz next week.

    and my verification word is DIMZAA! which is something team groovey might say.


  3. The Frosties embody two things I cannot stand: screaming and nonstop Jesus references. I wished Team Closet would have beaten them as I think their story arc over the course of the season would have been more interesting (I mean, seriously, what IS their relationship, exactly? Are they together or what?).

    I think we haven’t yet seen the worst of Team Asshole. Remember as the race wears on, people get tired and their true personalities emerge under pressure. So, imagine this orders-barking guy on really a bad day. “That was partially my fault.” Dude? That was entirely 100% YOUR FAULT! Also, I think he might be a little bit racist in that he only referred to Ray and Yolanda as “the blacks.” It could be an early race thing where you don’t know anyone and just go by their easiest identifiable characteristics, ie: the hippies, the old couple, the shreiking moms, the gay guys, the black couple. Time will tell but in the words of Stephen Colbert, he’s on watch.

    I wasn’t as annoyed by Team Groovy’s “Wuh-HA-HA-HA-WHAAAAACKNIESS” as I thought I would be. They seem to have the right approach to everything and I think as the fatigue sets in, the wackiness will die down. Actually I’m just waiting to see them in a bad mood.

    And it’s “Sao Paulo” NOT “SAN Paulo”

  4. I was rooting for the closets also. The frosties weren’t as bad as the Weavers as far as Jesus references, but I wanted them gone as soon as I saw the tiaras.

    The Chicago team is growing on me.

  5. Is the Chicago team Ray and Yolanda? Yeah, they seemed pretty cool under pressure and good humoured (“I’m Lake, as in Ocean.” “OK, I’m Ray, as in sun.”) That’s always an admirable quality in this show. I think they’ll go far.

  6. I stopped watching this show when all the assholes kept winning.

    I spend way too much time fretting over the assholes that disrupt my life that I don’t need to sit down for an hour of TV that subjects me to other people losing out to other assholes.

    Have I said “assholes” enough?

    This show sucks.

  7. The Linz Family, Uchenna and Joyce, Chip and Kim? They’re assholes? Really? Now, see I actually liked and rooted for those teams (except the Linz but mostly because I didn’t watch most of that season).

  8. I think one weekend we shoul do THE AMAZING PUBCRAWL.

    Around Montreal.

    Over Friday night, Saturday, Saturday Night and some of Sunday.

    With Detours, Roadblocks and pitstops.

    This may take some planning, But I’m confident it could happen.

  9. You do always deliver the very best ‘Amazing Race’ team summaries ever J. I agree 100%, same favs and same disappointment in watching Team Closet lose in the first episode…. “lifelong friends” oh c’mon! And BTW, I bow in awe to the genius (she/he?) who has coined the term “Mactors”.

  10. I don’t know if she coined it but “Mactors” comes from TAR7 racer Hera McLeod, who used to post on the Television Without Pity boards. That’s the first time I saw the phrase. She even had her own blog for a while.

    Glad to see my awesome powers of couch-potating don’t go unrecognised. 😉

  11. But doesn’t the ‘see the world from a real point of view’ factor greatly outweighs the asshole factor. Real assholes haven’t won in a few seasons. Unfortunately, that’s why I think they are due.

    Speaking of pub crawl. Do people do the 12 bars of Xmas up here?

  12. No, Frank. It doesn’t.

    In fact, I’m disgusted with how some of those contestants behave while they are guests in other countries.

    It’s often disgraceful. Like that guy who would shriek at his wife.


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