Les Lachinois

So May 1st, we’re moving to an upper duplex 5 1/2 in Lachine. A brief drive through Lachine’s scenic industrial park will place me at the office and the apartment is handy to a convenient Metro bus for her. And we have two balconies. And we’re allowed a barbeque. We also have to buy four new appliances (fridge/stove/washer/dryer) and hire some goons to move our stuff.

My only question is: what do we call ourselves now? Lachine got its name from René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, who, like many explorers of that era, was trying to find a route to China. As he owned the settlement in 1669, it was named from the french La Chine, as a kind of joke.

On Nun’s Island, we’re upper class twits Nun’s Islanders. So, are people who live in Lachine called Lachiners? Lachinians? Lachinese? In french are they les Lachinois?

Oh, I guess we are.


9 thoughts on “Les Lachinois

  1. Yey! Congrats on becoming Lachinois! You’ll have to get a little yappy dog now or two. My impression of Lachine has always been that it’s lovely and residential yet crawling with duplexes, yappy mini-dogs and elderly ladies named “Cécile” who smoke DuMaurier lights and sport long pink fingernails with semi-matching orange lipstick. (Wouldn’t you just die if that was your new neighbour?)

  2. It’s got quite a few duplexes, so you never know. It’s majority francophone (66%, according the last census I read) and is west without technically being “west island” (although that claim could be in dispute) so Cécile could be the new neighbour.

    But if you mean “die” as in, “die and gone to Heaven,” then HELLS YES I would!

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